AUSACA: Australian A Cappella Championship 15-17 September, 2016, Melbourne

Produced by Vocal Australia (Australia’s Contemporary A Cappella Hub), GET VOCAL Festival will feature a variety of events including performances, competitions, workshops, masterclasses and professional development for singers, teachers and aca-fans! The main feature of GET VOCAL Festival will be AUSACA Australian A Cappella Awards where we will see the best adult, university and school a cappella groups from around the country battle it out to be crowned the Australian A Cappella Champion!

Applications are now closed for AUSACA 2016.
AUSACA Live Final Dates
Thursday 15 September, 2016 Secondary School Division – Semi Final and National Finals Day / Night
Friday 16 September, 2016 University Division / League Division – Semi Finals Day / Night
Saturday 17 September, 2016 University Division / League Division – National Finals Day / Night

Tickets are now on sale for the AUSACA live finals on the GET VOCAL Festival website.

Competition Fees
PART A: FOR ALL APPLICANTS PART A: Video Entry Fee (per group) includes:

  • Access to enter the Video Finals of AUSACA
  • Written feedback from our team of expert aca-judges
  • Your video featured on the AUSACA website – video voting page
  • Opportunity to reach a legion of new aca-fans

Please note:

  • Part A: Video Entry Fee (per group) is for the Video Finals
  • We will be listing the videos on our AUSACA website (for the Voting Period) in the order that we receive both payment (Part A) and application form from each group
  • As such, groups that submit their application form and Part A fee sooner will have their videos listed higher up on the website page
  • Your video link can be sent separately to the application form and Part A Fee as long as the video link is received by the closing date


  • Access for successful competitors from the video finals to participate in the live finals for their division (School or University / League)
  • A seat in the audience for each live final for your division (School or University / League), regardless of whether your group successfully progresses through each live final
  • Access to a workshop for competing singers at the live finals
  • The opportunity for live finalists to perform in a professional environment with quality AV equipment and highly trained technicians who are a cappella experts
  • Written feedback from our team of industry expert judges from each round you compete in. (Groups from previous years have said that the feedback alone is worth entering the competition)
  • Participation certificate
  • Opportunity to learn from our expert presenters and judges and network with industry experts and your peers

Please note:

  • Part B: Registration Fee (per singer) is for the Live Finals
  • The Early Bird rate for Part B is ideal for any singers who are committed to attending GET VOCAL Festival regardless on whether their group progresses to the next round of AUSACA live finals
  • Groups that are committed to attending GET VOCAL Festival, but are not selected for the live competition rounds, will be offered other performance opportunities throughout the festival (such as Pop-Up Concerts)
  • Live Finals will consist of several rounds of finals over the weekend
  • Secondary School groups include two (2) complimentary passes for supervising teachers to attend the School events
  • Singers with a valid tertiary student card or senior card should select the concession rate
Part B: Registration Fee Secondary School Concession Adult
Full Rate (before 13/06/16) $40 per singer $50 per singer $60 per singer

As always, we’ll make sure that any competing singers are offered special discounted prices to attend extra events at the festival. There is no obligation for you to attend these extra events but if you want to get the most out of your trip then we strongly encourage groups to observe the other finals and additional events.

PAYMENTS Payments are to be made to Vocal Australia by either:

  • PayPal
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheque

Groups paying via Paypal or Direct Deposit must include the name of their group, invoice number (if requested) and AUSACA in the description. Invoices available upon request. Please select this option when completing the online application form and we will send you an invoice. Cheques should be made out to Vocal Australia Pty Ltd and mailed to: Vocal Australia, 13 Kalimna Street, Bentleigh East, VIC 3165


Due to the extremely high level of competition at AUSACA each year, so many amazing groups have missed out on progressing further by mere points. Subsequently, we are planning to accommodate multiple live rounds for groups to battle their way into the National Final this year! Yes, that gives your group an extra chance to make it further in the competition and means more groups than ever will be heading to the AUSACA Live Finals!


  • All groups will enter via the AUSACA Video Finals
  • The four University / League groups with the highest scores nationally from the Video Finals will progress directly through to the University / League Division National Final
  • The next highest scoring groups nationally in the Video Finals will progress through to the Semi Final Battle Rounds
  • The top groups from the Semi Final Battle Rounds will progress through to the National Final


  • All groups will enter via the AUSACA Video Finals
  • The four School groups with the highest scores nationally from the Video Finals will progress directly through to the 2016 AUSACA School Division National Final
  • The next highest scoring groups nationally from the Video Finals will progress through to the AUSACA School Division Semi Final
  • The top groups from the AUSACA School Division Semi Final will progress through to the AUSACA School Division National Final


Make sure you’re up to date with all the rules of competition for AUSACA 2016 Championship.


Meet your aca-peers, connect and inspire future collaborations.


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