The 2019 Aca-Duel challenge is an original song. Each Open Division group must create and perform their own original song for the Aca-Duel that includes the following elements:

  • The 2018 word of the year “Toxic”
  • The following chord: “minor9”
  • The “Millennial Whoop” (a melodic pattern alternating between the 5th and 3rd notes of a scale).
  • The iconic drum fill rhythm from “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.
  • Between 90 seconds and 4 mins duration

No mash-ups, medleys or use of any other songs are allowed during the Aca-Duel.

Video link (YouTube unlisted) of your group performing your Aca-Duel Original song is due via email to Amelia by Wednesday 21 August. 

We encourage all the groups to be creative with their Aca-Duel song and to play to their strengths.

Bonus special awards:

  • Best Aca-Duel Original Song
  • Best Aca-Duel Performance (video entry)

The 2019 Open Divisions Champions (Band and Ensemble) will perform their original song in the live Aca-Duel on Sat 7 September to determine who will be crowned the Overall Champion for AUSACA.