As part of AUSACA 2017, the Open Division groups were given a challenge: to create their own short version of Waltzing Matilda that plays to their strength. Only two groups (Band Champions Temper and Ensemble Champions QUT Aca-Demics) got to share their version of Waltzing Matilda in our Aca-Duel to determine the Open Division Overall Champion (Temper).

All the Open Division groups worked really hard on their versions of Waltzing Matilda and expressed that they were keen to show each other and the general public what they created. As such, we added the bonus opportunity for any of the 2017 AUSACA Open Division groups to film their group performing their short version of Waltzing Matilda.

Congratulations to the winners of the special awards for the Waltzing Matilda Challenge:

  • BEST ARRANGEMENT: QUT Aca-Demics (QLD) – Arranged by Alex Van den Broek
  • BEST PERFORMANCE: The Acappelicans (NSW)

The winners of the special awards will each receive $100 off their 2018 AUSACA group entry fee.