I sing in a few different groups - can I compete with more than one group? Will I have to pay twice?

Yes, you can enter with multiple groups. No, each individual will only have to pay once.

I only have 3 people in my group (2 singing , 1 beatboxer). Can we still enter?

Yes. The minimum number of people allowed in a competing group is 3 and the minimum requirement for musical parts is 3 parts.

Our group has more than 25 singers, can we still be involved?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept groups with less than 25 singers into AUSACA. This requirement is due to staging restrictions at venues and limited audience seating. If your group normally consists of more than 25 singers you may instead consider choosing to apply with a select group of singers (less than 25) or submit multiple groups of up to 25 singers (group A, group B, etc) so that all your singers can still participate in AUSACA. Example: Ring of Choir (from University of Melbourne) have over 100 singers in their group and in numerous previous years they have entered multiple groups of up 25 singers into AUSACA as they love being part of the event.

My group is from a regional area. What options are there for us to compete?

There are no state finals this year, so all groups (regardless of location) will need to enter via the Video Audition. If your group successfully progresses to the live finals, then you will need to make your own plans to travel to Melbourne to participate in the live finals.

Are there any State Finals?

No. We stopped running State Finals in 2015 due to numerous reasons (limited finances, no funding, logistics to name a few). Instead, AUSACA consists of a Video Audition (for all groups), with the top scoring groups nationally invited to progress through to the National Finals.

If we don't progress to the national finals can we still come along and observe?

Yes, of course. If your group does not successfully progress through to the national finals then we strongly encourage all groups to still come along and observe the other groups in their division. This is a wonderful way to learn from your peers and get some great ideas about what your group might need to work on in order to progress further next year.

I have a University Student Card, can I pay the concession rate?

Yes, your University Student Card will qualify you for the concession rate entry into AUSACA.

I have a Seniors Card, can I pay the concession rate?

Yes, your Seniors Card will qualify you for the concession rate entry into AUSACA.

Does my registration fee allow me to see any of the finals?

The Part B fee (individual registration for each competing singer) allows you to see the live final for your division. If you also want to observe the live finals for the other division (eg. You are in a School group but you also want to watch the Open Finals) then you will be offered the opportunity to purchase audience tickets to other events before the general public.

If we successfully progress through to the live finals will our travel and accommodation costs be covered?

No. All travel, accommodation and related costs for all AUSACA events are the responsibility of your vocal group.

Can we use the set time limits however we want?

We’ve given time limits for the video auditions and live finals so that groups have flexibility to show us the strength of their group in the best way that suits them. As such, groups are welcome to use those time limits by either singing songs in full, or abridged versions, or as part of a medley, or a mash-up, and with any musical style as long as it’s 100% a cappella.

What if my question isn't here?

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