Naomi Crellin will be judging the following AUSACA events in 2018:

Prior to joining Australia’s leading a cappella ensemble, The Idea of North, Naomi Crellin won the Young Australian Composer of the Year Award (1996) and Best Undergraduate Vocalist Award (2001) from the Elder Conservatorium while completing her Bachelor of Music in Jazz Voice. 

After joining The Idea Of North in early 2002, Naomi quickly became a significant contributor to the group’s repertoire through her writing and arranging and has also utilised her extensive choral training and experience in taking a major responsibility for managing the group’s musical affairs and educational activities. 

Naomi augments her Idea of North experience by adjudicating, writing, arranging, workshopping, masterclassing and consulting in all things vocal. Naomi lives in Sydney with her two small children, one of whom can sing in tune. She’s working on the other one. When she’s not singing or child-wrangling, you’ll find Naomi on top of a mountain (although she hopes you don’t find her), or cultivating her viticultural proclivities (in which case she’s very happy to be found). 

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