As part of AUSACA 2017, the Open Division groups were given a challenge: to create their own short version of Waltzing Matilda that plays to their strength. Only two groups (Band Champions Temper and Ensemble Champions QUT Aca-Demics) got to share their version of Waltzing Matilda in our Aca-Duel to determine the Open Division Overall Champion (Temper).

All the Open Division groups worked really hard on their versions of Waltzing Matilda and have expressed that they are keen to show each other and the general public what they have created. As such, we have added the following opportunity for our 2017 AUSACA Open Division groups.

  • Film your group performing your version of Waltzing Matilda (see rules below)
  • Submit your video entry via our form below by Friday 20 October, 2017

Two special awards will be up for grabs:

  • Best Performance of Waltzing Matilda
  • Best Arrangement of Waltzing Matilda

The winners of the special awards will each receive $100 off their 2018 AUSACA group entry fee.


1.1. The video must be no longer than two (2) mins in length. Timing will begin from the first note sung and stopped after the last note is sung.

1.2. The video submission must be of an authentic ‘live’ performance.

1.3. The video must include no sound or visual editing.

1.4. The video must not be stopped during the recording, including between verbally announcing your group and singing your version of Waltzing Matilda. (If you’re not sure what this means then please contact info@vocalaustralia(dot)com for further clarification.)

1.5. No pre-existing video footage may be entered. You must film a video specifically for AUSACA.

1.6. At the start of the video, performers must verbally announce the following: Group name, Affiliated University (if applicable), State, for Vocal Australia’s AUSACA Waltzing Matilda Challenge..

For example, “Hi, we are (group name) from (affiliation – if applicable) in (state/country). This is our video submission for Vocal Australia’s AUSACA Waltzing Matilda Challenge”.

1.7. Videos must be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video (instructions can be found here) and the link to your video is to be provided in the form below.

1.8. Your YouTube upload must be labelled as follows: “Group name – Vocal Australia AUSACA Waltzing Matilda Challenge

AUSACA 2017 Waltzing Matilda Challenge Form

  • Group Details

  • Please list the name(s) of the arrangers.
  • Please add the link to your Waltzing Matilda Challenge - Video Entry here.
  • Contact Details

  • Please provide contact details for the main contact for your group (music director, president, manager, etc)
  • eg: Music Director, President, Manager, Performer, etc
  • Please provide us with a direct number that we can contact you on.
  • Please provide us with an email address that you check regularly.